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Our God is awesome God. :)

Lately, I have had one line stuck in my head.

“I am the Lord, YOUR God.”

A few weeks ago in church, the pastor spoke of the importance in that statement. I had never focused on that much but just the thought of it now brings my heart so much joy. That is how personal God is with each and everyone of us. He isn’t just a king that sits on a throne overseeing all the people. We are on a personal journey with Him. He is OUR God. He is YOUR God and he is MY God.

God cares about me and knows me personally. That is such an amazing thought. Who else is better equipped to help you in life?

It has been awhile since I posted. My camera is out of batteries but last Friday I had such a great time thrift shopping. I found some great treasures. I had one special project and I love the results. Hopefully, I will be able to feature it in my next post with pictures!

Last week was a bit rough. My heart felt heavy for some reason. I sometimes get bad anxiety and just generally feel uneasy or anxious. Today I am feeling much better and light-hearted. I try to direct my thoughts toward God and unload my burdens on him. It helps but sometimes I have a hard time shaking the feelings.

Today I embarked upon a new challenge! Rh and I worked up a verbal contract on a weight loss challenge. Sounds horrible I know – haha, but he knows I haven’t been happy about the few pounds I put on. I received a gift card to Cato for my birthday but didn’t want to buy any clothes since I have gained some weight so I am saving that as part of my reward.

The challenge:

I have 2 months from yesterday (Deadline: May 2) to lose 15 pounds. It is going to be tough but we were striving for  a real challenge and who doesn’t love a little competition?

The stakes:

If I lose the 15 lbs by the agreed deadline, RH is going to take me on a shopping spree! I get to spend a certain amount on new clothes (plus my saved gift card!!).

Blogland, you must hold me accountable. I will be updating you each Monday morning with my weight loss for the week. I will weight myself on Sundays when I have access to a scale.

I am excited about this challenge. I want to lose the weight I put on since meeting RH. It will make me feel so much better. When I eat healthy, I have so much more energy!

This morning I woke up at 4:30 (I have to be out the door at 6:15 to have time to drop off Jacob and make it to work at 7:00.) I spent about 20 minutes doing a work out video. I then read the bible for a bit and then got ready for work. I had leisurely time to get ready without rushing too much and it made my morning so much nicer. The day was off to such a great start. This is another goal I am making for myself. By working out in the mornings, I get my day off on a good note and it is easier to stick to my healthy-eating plan.

Let me know if you are on a similar weight-loss kick. I would love to hear your tips. Can’t wait to post some pictures of my decorating triumphs with you all! I am getting my new curtains today. They should be in the mail!

Everyone have a great day and God bless!


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