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First of all, if you haven’t stopped by the Time Warp Wife blog you need to do so now. Her advice is empowering and her ideas are pretty amazing. She is such an inspiration each day to try a little harder and live life the way God intended.

Yesterday she answered a letter from a reader. Although I didn’t write the letter, I pretty much could have. This issue weighs so heavily on my heart and I must confess here on my blog.

RH and I aren’t married. We have dreamed of getting married but the long rough patch we went through kept pushing that date off until later and later. I can see now that this is probably because we WEREN’T living life the way God intended. God already has a plan laid out for us and we pretty much said “No thanks, God! We got this. We know what is best for us.” We obviously don’t. I know that now.

This topic weighs down my spirit. We are trying so hard to live a Godly life but this one area is where we still sin AND. WE. KNOW. IT. After so long, it would put a tremendous strain on our relationship to stop being intimate. Should we just split our lives and move into separate dwellings? I don’t think that is the right answer. Should we get married right away? Once again, I’m not sure. We have been seeing a wedding on the horizon but for a while we were arguing almost daily and that kept pushing our dream further and further back.

I feel like God just slapped me in the face with this article via Darlene. I feel like a hypocrite asking God for forgiveness and then continuing on to live this way. I pray that we continue to keep our relationship on the right path and that a wedding will be in our near future.

This is a topic I have been wanting to release ever since I started my blog. I hope no one judges me too harshly. I am ashamed of this topic and can’t wait until it is a non-issue.

God bless.



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3 responses to “Desiring Purity – Time Warp Wife

  1. 2blu2btru

    So many, many people struggle with this. Take heart! I do interviews with married couples for my blog, and quite a few have been where you are–trying to transition their relationships to be as God would have them to be after coming to knowledge of Christ (or renewing their relationship with Him) after living together. It’s not an easy thing to reform. I myself have saved myself for marriage (am saving; I’m still single), but my boyfriend is celibate. It’s a constant struggle to live right “knowing what you’ll be missing.” The two couples that I spoke to have each been married over 20 years now, so I have seen these situations work out. Keep reading the word and praying for guidance and resolution to this situation. I’ll be praying for you as well.

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