A Fantastic Weekend!

I wasn’t able to post this weekend. Our weekend was full of snow! It’s a rare thing to get snow where we live in Texas but the last three years have given us one good snow fall. It was beautiful! Jacob had a great time playing in the snow. He and Daddy would fill up their buckets and bring the snow over to me so I could shape the snowman.

It wasn’t a perfect snowman, but it was a Texas-style snowman. :-p I’m loving his peppermint eyes. Sadly, he melted yesterday. He was good company while he was around.

On Saturday, we took the kids and RH’s niece to go ice skating for our oldest boy’s birthday. He turned 9! The kids (and parents ;)) had a blast. It was so much fun.

This weekend we stayed with my gracious parents. The pipes were still frozen and messed up so they let us spend the weekend with them. I think they liked our company. They got to spend some time with their grandson. My dad made a delicious breakfast casserole and RH got to visit with them quite a bit. Everyone had a great time.

We will be going back home today. I honestly cannot wait. I want to clean, organize and work on my Valentine’s and Easter decorations (Finally!). I am thinking grilled cheese and good, old-fashioned chicken noodle soup for dinner. RH will be working on the pipes after work so I need an easy meal that won’t require much water or washing of anything.

The weather was so beautiful yesterday. I am longing for Spring!

Yesterday’s message at church was about trust, more specifically, trusting in God. The pastor said that people who completely trust in the Lord are less stressed and experience less worry. What a wonderful message. I would love to take stress away from my life. In the last month, it has been melting away. Our life has already changed so much for the better.

He said, “Why trust God?”  God loves us and God wants to help us. It is incredible to think that our Creator, the King of Kings, wants to help ME? Wants to see me succeed? Who else could help me more than Him? When you trust God with everything, the results are beautiful.


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